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Missionary Respite and Retreat Counselling

We offer a one bedroom private cottage to Pastors Missionaries, couples,  or anyone wanting to come for an extended stay for Christian Counseling or Coaching. There is no charge for your stay.

Our primary concern is the hearts of the people, as well as to help encourage young Christians or, "battle worn" soldiers for counseling, coaching or encouragement. 

We do not have a set fee for our ministry work and rely only on donations. 

Training Conferences

Training Conference
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Training Conferences are available to churches or groups to teach New Believer's  Discipleship Training. Another is Resolving Marital Conflicts by having a Christ-Centered Marriage.


We also offer teachings on the Bible's essential Identity message in a variety of ways: Christ as your very Life Message, Holy Spirit-Driven Discipleship Training and Lay Christ Centered Counseling and Coaching Training.


When we hold conferences, our prayer is to find "that one" person or persons that could miraculously help change the course of your church.

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